Likes: daydreaming, summer, clear blue skies,nice dreams :) , girls, boys , clothes, light eyes, hooded eyes, anger, fights, love, deep conversations, long walks in deep thought, hugs, kisses, being held, being loved, attention, chips, hot chocolate, baby pink,color] freedom, being carefree, being starkers, presents,photo comments, loudness, noise, music, you, forever, sand, art, drawings, words from the heart, true friends, DARES, getting tickled, strong ties between people, family of friends, long conversations.

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"Resti con me?" - rise.
”Tutta la notte?”
Un bacio schioccò sulla sua fronte.
”Tutta la vita."

- cit

"Stanotte ho pianto, ma in silenzio che è quasi uguale a morire."